I Love Lucy S02 E09 – Ricky Loses His Voice

Original Air Date: December 1, 1952

It was 6am when we watched this week’s episode, and that theme song made me want to die. I love this show, but I don’t recommend enjoying it before 10am. It’s like setting “Trump rally” as your wake-up alarm tone.

Speaking of that theme song, in this first scene we see Marco Rizo, who wrote that very song. Marco was the music director of I Love Lucy and a good friend of Desi’s — such a good friend, in fact, that he accidentally calls him “Des” in this scene and they don’t fire him.

I Love Lucy S02 E09 Ricky and Marco with piano

Someone get this guy a lampshade.

A lot, and I mean a LOT has changed since last episode. Lucy has won new furniture, they’ve renovated the nightclub under a new owner, Marco is in the show, and Ricky has lost his voice.

Ricky: (voice cracking) Babaluuuuuu! Babaluuu!
Lucy: That’s pretty baba-lousy.

Ricky is indeed getting sick, so Lucy agrees to take care of him while he whines unattractively about his situation. It’s not that I think he’s related to Ted Cruz, it’s that I know he is.

Their all-new furniture includes a pretty cool twin bed set. That bed would be perfect for a 10-year-old aka someone who wants cubbies for his baseball cards and isn’t having sex.

When it comes to health care, Ricky doesn’t need much. He just refuses to take any medicine and wants orange juice, coffee, bacon, toast, and poached eggs.

I Love Lucy S02 E09 Ricky with chalkboard saying no

With or without vocal cords, Ricky’s still a Dick.

And all that complaining and asking for stuff gets him in even bigger throat trouble. The doctor decides he shouldn’t talk until his next show.

Ethel: Imagine not being able to talk for 7 whole days!
Fred: Why don’t you stay around here, maybe you’ll catch it!

Mr. Chambers calls and tells Lucy he’s going out of town, but he knows Ricky will do a great job. He’s played by Arthur Q. Bryan, otherwise known as the voice of Elmer Fudd. So I’m guessing he’s skipping town to hunt wabbits.

Lucy doesn’t tell Mr. Chambers Ricky is out sick.

But Mr. Chambers hasn’t noticed, either.

So they’re both awful business people.

Lucy decides to stage the show herself, and she gets the doctor to order that Ricky stay home until opening night so he won’t know to stop her.

Fred and Ethel think it’s a great idea. Just like every week. Lucy, you need new friends:


Fred and Ethel decide to do a number from 1927, with the exact same showgirls they used back then.

So Ricky shows up and assumes everything is organized for him. And then he’s suddenly surrounded by chaos and middle age women. Aka every time you walk into Michael’s.

These 50-yr-old women bumble around and look ridiculous. It’s a very important lesson: Age makes you ugly and bad at everything, girls. Don’t ever dapple in it. (Boys, you grow old whenever you want. You’re perfect.)

At the end of the song, Ricky covers their hideous faces in disgust. Hollywood is rarely so obvious. Let’s make ALL women over 40 cover their gross selves, from our mothers and grandmothers to our Supreme Court justices and CEOs.

Yes, even you, Meryl Streep. Thank you for your service and goodbye.

I Love Lucy S02 E09 Ricky covers older showgirl's face in disgust

If you’re gonna cover up a wrinkle-free, confident 48-year-old woman, then put Fred in a full burqa.

But you know, the scene doesn’t really get a lot of laughs. It’s crazy: That sort of ageist sexism would’ve KILLED at a Republican debate today. I guess people were pretty progressive back then.

Then Ethel and Fred perform:

I Love Lucy S02 E09 Fred and Ethel do vaudeville

You can tell they’re great actors because they appear to like each other.

And Lucy gets her turn, as a ukelele-playing, Charleston-dancing flapper. Seen here introduced by women so old they can’t remember what year it is:

Ricky is freaking out about this clown show. But then his boss Mr. Chambers comes out. He’s super into it, because he used to be a vaudeville performer:

Elmer Fudd

Mr. Chambers.

And with that everyone does a big, happy dance. Even the showgirls somehow manage to cut a rug, but it’s probably just a natural side effect of their dementia.

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I Love Lucy S02 E09 Lucy and Ethel with new furniture

“I got all this great furniture just in time for the baby I’m carrying to shit all over it.”

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