Episode Watch Party S01 E18: “Breaking the Lease”

Satirical commentary of I Love Lucy every Friday! Here’s all the WTFacts for this week. 

This Week’s Episode:

“Breaking the Lease”

Original Air Date:

February 11, 1952

This Week’s WTFacts:

  • After singing “Sweet Sue,” Fred and Ethel leave to go to their own apartment. Except they go different directions. The reason is obvious: Fred’s going to the fights and Ethel’s hired a hooker.
  • In the final scene, when Lucy’s packing up the apartment, there’s a TV Guide-style magazine on the coffee table that has a picture of Lucy and Desi on the cover. What a mistake! It really belongs by the vanity mirror. (GET IT?!)
  • When the band rehearses in the apartment, an audience member takes a flash photo and you can see the light on stage. Look, the Greatest Generation can put down millennials all they want, but they’d be first in line for selfie sticks if the technology existed in 1952.

See you Friday!

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