On Break + The Lucy Desi Center

The Lucille Ball Little Theatre in her hometown of Jamestown, New York.

The Lucille Ball Little Theatre in her hometown of Jamestown, New York.

Hey everyone! I’m taking a break this week!

I’ll be back next Friday with a full write-up of one my favorite episodes: “Breaking the Lease.”

But I can’t leave you hanging without something Lucy that makes you say W…T…F…, so here’s a thing you need to know exists:

The Lucy Desi Center for Comedy in Jamestown, NY, houses a comedy museum and tons of special events. And unlike what’s inside, it’s no joke. (See how lame my comedy is this week? THIS IS WHY I need a break.)

Programming includes the 2015 Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, where headliners this year include Jerry Seinfeld and Nick Offerman. And registration is also now open for the Lucy Town Half Marathon and 5K, taking place October 10-11, 2015 in Jamestown, NY. (Yes of course, some people run it in Lucy costumes.)

But most importantly, the center is the new home for that hideous-as-hell Lucy statue we all wish our nightmares would forget. 

At some point in this process, I intend to visit. Shouldn’t be too difficult considering I have about a million years left before I’m done with these people.

See you next week!

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