Episode Watch Party S01 E09: “The Fur Coat”

Satirical commentary of I Love Lucy every Friday! Here’s the info to watch ahead, plus all the WTFacts for this week. 

This Week’s Episode:

“The Fur Coat”

Original Air Date: 

December 10, 1951

This Week’s WTFacts:

  • Ricky says he and Lucy moved in to the Mertz’s building on August 6, 1948 – the same date as Lucille Ball’s 37th birthday. We now know they’ve lived in this converted brownstone for a little over 3 years. Since Lucy got them so behind on their bills, at least one year has been as squatters.
  • According to one account, the script originally included Ricky turning up the thermostat to get Lucy to take off her fur coat. When he asks her why it’s not working, she says she’s naked underneath. Obviously this joke was softcore porn and was deemed too risqué to air, but Ricky can drug his wife on TV, no problem. 
  • The full length mink coat used in this episode would require as many as 65-70 dead minks. Those minks are raised on factory farms where they have no access to water, even though they’re semi-aquatic. They are typically killed at 5-7 months old, just after their first winter’s moult, however some minks die early of heat-related illnesses from not being able to cool off in water. They are kept in 2 ft x 1 ft cages and may show signs of extreme distress like self-mutilation and cannibalism. There are currently almost no US laws related to fur farming. Happy Earth Day! And apparently go fuck yourselves, minks.

See you Friday!

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