Episode Watch Party S01 E25: “Pioneer Women”

Satirical commentary of I Love Lucy every Friday! Here’s all the WTFacts for this week. 

This Week’s Episode:

“Pioneer Women”

Original Air Date:

March 31, 1952

This Week’s WTFacts:

  • S01 E25 Lucy and Ethel with bread loadYou know Mrs. Pettebone, the woman running the society matron’s league? Yeah, she was the first woman lawyer in Texas (1914). But go ahead and keep scrolling your Facebook feed, that’s a good use of a life, too.
  • The last name Pettebone was taken from a CBS photographer. Pomerantz was the press rep for Philip Morris. That means 1) These writers really did have a love affair with their sponsor, and 2) There are people out there with the last name Pettebone! That’s a great last name.
  • This is incredible: that loaf of bread was an actual loaf of bread. It was specially ordered for the show from Union Mode Bakery in LA (no longer in existence or you can bet I’d be writing this from there). At the end of the show, the audience and cast/crew were invited to eat it. 

See you Friday!

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