Episode Watch Party: S01 E06 “The Audition”

Satirical commentary of I Love Lucy every Friday! Here’s the info to watch ahead, plus all the WTFacts for this week.

This week’s episode:

“The Audition”

Original Air Date: 

November 19, 1951

This Week’s WTFacts:

  • After “Babalu,” Ricky points to a group of 3 deadpan executives. On the far left is Jess Oppenheimer, the creator, producer, and head writer of I Love Lucy. Harry Ackerman (Vice-President of CBS at the time) sits in the middle. Hal Hudson, who sits to the far right, was a writer/producer who worked on The Red Skelton Hour.
  • Lucy and Ricky share a double bed in this episode. Lucy never gets in it, but still! #scandalous 

See you Friday!

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