Episode Watch Party S01 E20: “The Young Fans”

Satirical commentary of I Love Lucy every Friday! Here’s all the WTFacts for this week. 

This Week’s Episode:

“The Young Fans”

Original Air Date:

February 25, 1952

This Week’s WTFacts:

Judy Jetson Janet WaldoJanet Waldo, who plays the teenage girl with the crush on Ricky, was actually 28 at the time of filming. Oh yeah and she was pregnant. 

Waldo is a fascinating person. A descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson, she was married to playwright Robert Edwin Lee, who wrote Inherit the Wind.

Waldo was well-known for 2 things: playing a swooning, melodramatic teenager and having a great speaking voice. Waldo went on to achieve voice acting fame as Judy Jetson and played countless Hanna-Barbara roles through the years. She played Judy Jetson until well after she turned 70.

See you Friday!

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